Bleeding Edge Technology

We utilize the latest and greatest advances in machine learning.


Our software services provide world class diagnostic performance at the touch of a finger


Provide healthcare professionals with near instant reports

Unlocking the power of the computer by
bringing data analytics to medicine.

Why are we doing this?

According to a survey done by SERMO, every year 1 in 20 patients (12 million people) will be misdiagnosed, costing hospitals and patients alike billions and resulting in 98,000 deaths.

30 percent of all electronic data is created by the healthcare industry. We are using data analytics to find trends in medical data to assist medical professionals in diagnosing patients accurately.

The majority of said data is from medical images. While standard data analytic methods do not cover images, we are using advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques to learn what the appropriate diagnosis is for a given medical image.

We built Innovation Dx to save lives.